Change nozzle size in Luban

Hey, so I’d like to put a 0.6 nozzle on the Snapmaker and I can’t find how to change the nozzle size on Luban. I’ve searched and all that I have found are older posts from last year saying it’s not possible. Is it still not possible? Has anyone found a way to do it?

If you’re at the point of changing nozzle sizes, I’d recommend upgrading to using a better slicer. I started with cura, and got tired of the bugginess, and am currently testing out superslicer (which is apparently also buggy, but in different ways :stuck_out_tongue:). I’ve also heard of a lot of people using simplify3d with great success.

Either way you go, it’s probably better to move to a slicer that’s not as limiting as luban sooner rather than later (all new slicers sere going to take a bit to learn). AFAIU, luban is largely designed with the “plug and play” mentality: it’s super simple to get going, but doesn’t really let you get into the nitty gritty details of tuning your prints.

I think this post will help you. Please read this post and vote there.

This is fantastic, I did vote and comment - I hope you guys do something for an all-metal hot end for 0.6 or allow various nozzle sizes. It will make it possible to use PETG and carbon fiber etc.

You know, I have been trying Cura (I used to use it before I got the Snapmaker) but for some crazy reason it doesn’t have the same bed adhesion that Luban has. Also I like the quality of print more from Luban.
Unless it has something to do with the metal nozzle, could be that too.

Yea, I think the settings provided with luban are absolutely perfect, it took a lot of tuning to get cura slicing at the same quality as luban. That’s also what I mean by “plug and play”, the SM team has clearly put a ton of work into the luban settings. Unfortunately, I was unable to get anything of quality for PETG or TPU from luban, so I was kinda forced to learn a new slicer. Also, tree supports in cura are amazing.

Our test team is working on finding the fine setting regarding PETG, TPU and other CNC materials.

PETG needs a higher temperature.


Temperature: 75-90 °C
Heated Bed Recommended
Enclosure Not Required
Build Surface

Build Surface

Glue Stick
Painter’s tape



Temperature: 230-250 °C
No special hot-end required



Part Cooling Fan Required


You need to enable the retraction feature.

This is helpful. I was trying with Nylon, but then things went south and I’m waiting for a new 3D module :slight_smile:

An all-metal hot end made by Snapmaker would be amazing.

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Nylon filament requires a steel hot-end. After collecting users’ feedback, I have urged our mechanic engineers to take this into consideration.

I will post the update if we have any.

You can also vote here


This is awesome, thanks!

Simplify3D has not been updated in over 3 years. Not even a bug fix. They announced on the official forum the release of V5 and a free update campaign (valid for 1 year) from V4. Some people bought it because of that. V5 was never released. Many people were outraged by this scam and the forum went wild.
S3D staff still appear on the forum today. They only respond idly to bug reports and requests, but the application is never fixed.

OK, Time to Start Yet Another “Where is Version 5?” Thread

Will there ever be any updates?

I hope no one will make a wrong purchase.

Yes BUT Luban dont understand to save the F changes i do to teh meterial???
Is ther a nono to change an exsisting PLA like hoter temp or biger line with it have reseted EVRY time i go back

Do changes and HIT F SAVE
Then i Know it have been saved or not now if you stand in an box and exit i dosent regester the cange
It just Ignor the shit out of me
Like all other i do change and befor exiting the edit mode it aske me to save and i can save whit same name or change it so i Easy can revert to the erelyr setings in Luban if you change more than one thing yur totaly lost