Change Nozzle on Artisan

Has anyone experience on how to exchange the nozzle of the Artisan 3D printing module?
I am mainly printing functional parts where i do not need the last bit of quality. So i would like to change the shipped 0.4 nozzles with a 0.6 or 0.8 model, but i can’t find proper instructions for the Artisan in the Snapmaker wiki


Found that one for disassembling the entire hot end. It also shows how to remove the nozzle. Does this part work for the Artisan Dual Extruder Module too?

The easiest way to achieve what you want is to buy the regarding hotend module:

If that’s too pricey for you, the nozzzles are pretty standard nozzles (I think MK8, but perhaps someone can confirm that?) and you can unscrew them and replace with a matching 3rd party product. Only caveat: The nozzle diameter is resistor-coded on the hotend module, so if you exchange the 0.4 nozzle of the 0.4 hotend module with an 0.6, the touchscreen and Luban will still report it as 0.4. You need to take care that the slicer still uses 0.6.

Not if you bought a device which is already around 3.000 EUR :rofl:

As long as the print will work, i can live with it. MK8 are standard size for many other printers as well.

My main slicer is currently Cura and i checked it by simply adding the Artisan twice and change the nozzle size (and other parameters) for one of them to test it.

I wanted to use to a high end nozzle (e.g. Bondtech, Swiss-Micro, Brozzl) and Snapmaker doesn’t give details which nozzles they use in their ready-to-use hotends.

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It’s MK8, I use Brozzl nozzles in all of my Artisan Hotends. No problems.

Many thanks. How did you change them? Is it simply to screw them off the hotend? should they be taken out for it?

I am currently unsure which brand i want to use.

take the hotend out, carefully take the silicone sock off and hold the heaterblock with some pliers while unscrewing the nozzle. Be careful not to damage anything.
It is pretty easy though.

I use Brozzl because they are very good quality and reasonable priced.

Many thanks. That makes me confident it is not as challenging as for other printers.

Brozzl is also one brand i took under consideration. Just thinking of which one i will take.
They are comparable in pricing to Bondtech and Swiss-Micro. But price is not a real factor for me. I would pay more for a significant better performance and reliability

I wouldn’t call those high-end nozzles. The Diamondback is an example of a high-end nozzle. Both of my extruders now have Diamondbacks on them.

It just came to my mind that a few years ago when assembling an E3D V6 hotend that you should tighten the nozzle heated up - I searched a bit around, and this seems to describe the procedure well:

The idea is that you tighten things hot to have all parts expanded thermally. Not sure how much you can do wrong if you tighten it cold, but I can imagine that it causes machanical stress when heating up, potentially damaging the threads. I may be completely wrong here, just trying to make sense of the instructions…

Different printer manufacturers have totally different instructions.
I agree on the physical statement regarding hot and cold attachment.

But taking the Extruder out of the module makes it difficult to exchange nozzle while heated.

i exchanged the nozzle two times on my Creality K1 printer before and it was a lot of work. The instructions for the printer you shared the example seem to be much more user friendly.