Dual Extruder Replacement Nozzles?

Anyone have experience replacing nozzles of the dual extruder hot ends with third party source? If so, any recommended source(s) or specs?

I’d like to get nozzles of different sizes and hardness to try with my existing hot-ends without having to buy separate hot-ends. For example, I want to try these tungsten nozzles:
Tungzzle - The 3D-Printing Tungsten Nozzle - double pack – 3D°Hex (3dhex.de)


Following this topic because i am looking for getting at least one 0.6 nozzle for some draft prints.

To me it sounds the can simply be replaced as long you keep the MK8 type. For the Brozzl nozzles Snapmaker is listed as supported printer.

Let’s see what the experts here will say.

I’m using a 0.6 diamondback, and some 0.4 bimetal CHT nozzles. So yes you can use third party as long as they are MK8 style. You can also mix and match with the various sizes (IE 0.6 nozzle on the 0.4 hotend), but you will get an annoying beep and dialog box that pops up asking you to confirm when you start the print. Which is better than before when it straight up wouldnt let you print at all if the Gcode did not match the installed nozzle.

TL;DR Yes you can use any nozzle you want as long as it is a MK8 style


What about the the tube that’s inside the Snapmaker nozzle? All the nozzles I’ve seen and purchased don’t have that tube attached the nozzle.

As far as I’ve seen there is no tube in the nozzles, that looks like leftover filament from when you removed it to me.