Changing nozzles from standard to Diamondback

So I am considering purchasing one of Snapmaker’s hardened hotends for the dual extruder and upgrading the nozzle to a Diamondback (to handle CF-PA and CF-PC), however they only make a 0.4mm nozzle in the hardened type

When it comes to the hotends, are the diameters of the nozzles hard-coded into the hotend itself (ie you can’t put a 0.6mm in the 0.4mm hotend) or can I just “lick the stamp and send it” by just specifying a 0.6mm nozzle size in Luban?

Are the standard hotends on the dual exrusion module all-metal? If so that means I can just swap the existing brass nozzle on one of the 0.6mm hotends with the Diamondback.

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