Can't move Z-Axis down when focusing laser

When focusing the laser module, if I click to move the z-axis down, the console says ‘endpoint reached’ despite it being at the top of the z-arm.
I can move z-axis up and all the other axis work fine. If I unplug the laser module (keeping it fitted) and plug in the printer module (whilst holding it), I can then home all axis and can move the z-axis up and down as I please. But as soon as I switch back to the laser module, I can’t move it down again.

This means every time I want to focus I have to do the above process (which also involves removing the build plate to avoid the laser colliding with the object ontop). Does this happen for everyone or is there a workaround?


Interesting development.
I’ve discovered that if I have the left door of my enclosure open, suddenly I can control my z-stop again!!!
The front door doesn’t seem to affect it at all.
I’ve disconnected the enclosure switch and now I can control it properly!

Now just need to figure out how to get my enclosure door switch to work properly!

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