Z Axis Not Moving Down

As the title says, I’m having some trouble getting the Z-Axis to come down. I used the 3d printer head without issue for a dozen prints, changed to the laser engraver for a project, then switched back to the 3d printer. I can move it up, but no matter how far I move it up, the console in Luban always says it hits the endstop when I try to move it back down. I’ve checked and rechecked the connections 10 times, and everything is connected properly, so I’m not sure what else to do (very new to the world of 3d printers).

Has anyone else had issues with this?

Looks like one endstop is. You can call (if im not wrong) M119 that will show you the state of all endstops.

Oops not seen - its a original, not sure if my tip is right :metal: