Focus Adjustment

Using400w laser(brand new). Seems to always get an oval shape not a dot.
Can the focus cap be removed as it looks if there is dirt inside. Have tried to carefully unscrew cap, but after a few turns it it makes a grinding noise. I don’t want to proceed further in case it damages laser. Can anyone confirm this is possible? After all you should expect it was manufactured in a clean environment not a cowshed.
This sort of issue should be on the support pages as a video under maintenance. Thanks

That is correct. This is because the laser cavity inside the semiconductor laser is not round, not square but rectangular. This causes the oval beam. It could be corrected by an a-spherical lens but that is too expansive for a Snapmaker.

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When focusing the laser module, if I click to move the z-axis down, the console says ‘endpoint reached’ despite it being at the top of the z-arm.
I can move z-axis up and all the other axis work fine. If I unplug the laser module (keeping it fitted) and plug in the printer module (whilst holding it), I can then home all axis and can move the z-axis up and down as I please. But as soon as I switch back to the laser module, I can’t move it down again.

This means every time I want to focus I have to do the above process (which also involves removing the build plate to avoid the laser colliding with the object ontop). Does this happen for everyone or is there a workaround?