Comprehensive list of filaments used!?

Is there a comprehensive list of what filaments can be used besides the support documents stating place, and, ““etc””". And what setting are best with the snapmaker? I am looking to buy when the “2.0” version comes out

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Potter, that is a good idea.
We need to create that list, keep track of it here.
And do not share it with muggles!

I know that different PLA brands all work fine (so far).
Even with the metal implement suggested by another user I haven’t managed to successfully print flexible filament. Have yet to try PP and will post an update here.

Ralph Zoontjens

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My thing is even on snap ts documents they list “etc” to use and same for not to use. Well what is the etc. On both sides? I’m new to 3d printing. Always read and watch, but finally thinking about making the dive in. Not only for me but I think my boys would enjoy it as well. But I am waiting for the “2.0” I want the bigger area. But I think there does need to be a wiki with what filaments…setting…issues…so on and so forth!

Many useres here in the forum allready shared their experiences with different kind of filaments.
The 2 main types usered with the Snapmaker are PLA and PET-G. ABS is possible but difficult to handle for beginners. TPU is not godd with this printer due to de direct drive feed system.
I don’t know what you are planning but with the 2 mentioned “beginner approved” materials you can do so many things!

The smaller build volume will help you to learn since prints can’t take too long.
With my bigger printer (Ultimaker Mk3) some prints can take several DAYS to finish…

The Snapmaker is perfect to get in touch wich 3D-printing, laser engraving and CNC carving. And along with these this you will learn how to design your own things.