Proto-Pasta Filaments

I was wondering if anyone has any experience running this stuff Carbon Filament . Or has anyone has any experence with these guys Proto-Pasta products at all, some seem very interesting!

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I have used many different filaments from Proto Pasta and can highly recommend them.


Wow, that is nice! Have you tried the copper filament? Does it work ok with the Snapmaker?

I have not tried the copper filament from PP, I have used their iron filled filament and it’s fantastic.

Please remember that any of the “filled” filaments are going to prematurely wear your nozzle out due to their abrasive nature. A hardened steel is recommend when printing “filled” filaments. I’m not aware of any after market nozzles for the Snapmaker yet.

Just got done printing this out of copperFill from Colorfabb. Still have to brush and spray for a nice patina.

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Amazing indeed. Please share the end result with us! I have a couple of spare nozzles, but how much do you think those filled filaments damage the nozzle? Is it a one-time use and then it’s ruined? Sorry for the dumb question, I’m really new at this.

I have a printer dedicated just for filled filaments. It got a hardened nozzle installed in it the day I decided to print abrasive filaments, To be honest, I have never worn out a nozzle. Just been going by filament mfg’s recommendations of using hardened nozzles.

Remember Snapmaker supplied a spare nozzle for us. I would try it. The nozzle isn’t going to wear out after a single use.


Lulzbot, yes, but I would not advise using filled filaments like ProtoPasta, Woodfill, Graphene etc. on the Snapmaker because of the small nozzle size developing clogs.
The wear on the nozzle is typically small but after a few months definitely noticeable.

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