Can not calibrate laser

Hello all

I have done some work with my A350, some better some not so good.

I have worked with all 3 modules and as I said ± good results.

To optimize the laser module I wanted to calibrate again, but it got worse and worse, so now I can hardly see any gradation when calibrating. The housing doors are closed.

When calibrating manually, all I can see is a faint spot that can’t really be adjusted.

The Lase is set to 100% power and it doesn’t matter if I use wood or paper to calibrate.

What did I miss? I have reset the firmware to Snapmaker2_V1.9.0_20200618

back. Without success.

Is there any way to reset the machine back to factory settings?

Sorry. The translation is from the Translator, as my language is German.

I am looking forward to help me further.

Have you done a lot of work with the laser?
Dust and soot can build up on the lens and block the laser and reduce it’s result.
You can try canned air and see if that helps.
Also some people have used a q-tip with isopropyl alcohol.
I personally would try to stick with things meant for cleaning optics for cameras and telescopes: lens cleaning paper & brushes & fluid.


Thanks a lot
I will try with eyeglass cleaning wipes.
I will get back to you.
with kind regards

Hello Sdj544

I have cleaned my laser but without success.
I do not know if the laser is defective and for some reason does not emit power.
The machine works, you can see the blue dot, but the paper remains white. Do I need to contact support?

With kind regards


Assuming this means you have the Snapmaker enclosure, are the door sensors all functioning properly? We had to move the magnets on ours. Prior to that the laser would not fully turn on.

thanks for the help
When I open the housing doors, the laser turns off, so I assume that works with the doors.
The doors are open or closed, make contact or not. I guess only a bit does not work. I also have the door lock on and off both on on LUBAN and directly on the SM.

in any case, thank you very much!

with kind regards


I couldn’t get my laser to calibrate properly either, but after some experimentation, I was able to calibrate it manually.
It might be different for every laser, but maybe try the following:
disable auto calibration
disable auto focus
set the laser height to 26mm (if that doesn’t work for you, try experimenting with the height).
Did the trick for me.
Also, triple check your cable connections.