Camera capture position is incorrect


Regarding the laser part, what should I do if the position of the camera is captured and scanned incorrectly?

You can follow the steps shown in the video starting at 4m43s to 4m58.

Luban软件本身也是能设置中文的哦,我们以后发布的教学视频也会添加中文字幕上去 :grinning:

感覺是相機焦段改變? 還是工作床定位異常?

The capture will work however when I move the image to the middle of the capture as shown in the video the laser head will run off the paper. It makes sense that it would since the captured image is not centered on the workspace.

This is exactly what I’m dealing with. Does anyone have a solution? Thanks in advance!

You should laser directly from luban using the usb connection.
If you run the g-code directly on your machine it will use a different work origin.

Or just not use camera capture. It’s good in theory but has a lot of problems in real world use. It’s just not implemented well. Maybe that can be fixed with software but for now it’s not worth the trouble.
One of the problems is that running laser from your computer can also cause issues.
So for me it’s easier and more reliable to just run from SM and set work origin there.


Here we are 2 years later. Same Fn! problem with the new 10w laser and Luban 4.4! WTF Snapmaker??? I have way too much money in this machine not to get a basic function of all the other competitiors out there…take a pick, lay your image down and go! Get it fixed or lets talk about a refund.
And btw…thanks for responding the first time I posted…