Why the Camera Capture in LUBAN is Scramble compare to the Actual

Hi Guys, Good day to everyone, I just received my Snapmaker 2.0 A350 and started to test the laser I already install the Luban software and use the Camera Capture but I’m having this image, it looks like the Images is Scramble compared to the Actual? I’m attaching the images here from the Actual photo and the Captures Image from Luban for you guys to see it properly. I hope you can help me fix it thank you very much in advance. Stay safe everyone.
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Looks fine for a non-euclidean build plate…Just kidding.

Any chance you swapped cables? When the machine homes Z is up, the toolhead is left, and the plate is forward? If you send jog commands for X is moves the toolhead left / right, and Y moves the build plate?


I check the cables and you are right brent113, I already arrange it! let me try it again :slightly_smiling_face: :pray: Thank you very much for your reply Brentt113. Have a blessed weekend. Stay safe always


Thanks brentt113 now it’s ok thank you again for your help:) Cheers