Camera and object alignment


I bought the Artisan because of the high quality. Now I’m ready to try it out. I wanted to engrave with the laser and position the object accurately with the help of the camera. Luban asks me at the beginning for the position of the origin.
Question: Is this the origin of the graphic and has nothing to do with the machine?

I now place my pad on the bed. In Luban I select background and adjust it. Now when I place the image on the background and align it exactly where I want it, send the job, the image ends up somewhere else entirely.

What other setting do I need to make on the machine?

Thank you for your attention

Translated with DeepL

This is a good place to start since translations might be a issue without a computer, I think we can all can help I personally don’t have the Artisan but they do use the same software and modules