Calibration issue

I just got my machine, everything was in the pack and setting up went well, however when I set it up to do £D printing the print module travelled to the left, dropped down to below the print bed, went to go right(towards the print bed) and became jammed and making a pretty alarming noise, I had to turn it off and manually lift the print module arm up. Can somebody give me a few pointers on what could be wrong please?

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Ooops, that should read 3D printing, typo!

Check your assembly.
Nuts down on bed frame.
Flat head screws for heated bed so they’re flush.
All cables to the right splitters and plugs.
Y modules centered on bed. (not overhanging)

Update your firmware (plug in cnc head so it doesn’t force you to autocalibrate)


Hi rixtar,

first question, what firmware do you use, the actual 1.10 or another?
Firmware out of the box is not a good choice because of leveling errors.

1.9 is most stable.
I use 1.10.0
Just has the 99% error on 3d printing which I can live with.


I understood that the 99% error on 3D printing was due to trailing comments in the G-code. If you remove those, no error.

That’s what I understand.
It doesn’t always do it. Not sure why. So I’ve just ignored it. I do 3d printing least of anything.
The print always finishes. Just stalls out. And since I’m currently stuck at home it doesn’t matter.
Always check on it within an hour.

Hi, I completed the assembly of my machine, set it up for 3D printing, when the print module began calibration it travell passed the left side of the printbed, tried to travel right but had gone to far down the up/down axis and jammed against the edge of the prindbed, I had to switch it off and manually lift up the module, what is the problem, I have checked all the assembly and it’s all as the instruction book shows!

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I wonder if the proximity sensor needs adjustment. It may not be seeing the bed. there is some adjustment to look into although i dont know where a link is for it.

if you wave something metal under the little sensor (near the nozzle) you should see it light up red from the back. If not there is a serious problem with the sensor.

I believe that sensor is supposed to be 1 mm away from the tip of the nozzle, and sometimes it needs to be moved a little bit.

Also, please update the firmware, stock firmware had a problem with calibration of some kind.

Let us know what you find.

Can you post a picture of your machine from the front, just above the height of the print bed?


Thanks for getting back to me, I am really new to this kind of equipment and allthough I am pretty clued up about udating software, I would’nt know where to start with updating firmware, can you explain it or point me in the direction where I can get some step by step instructions please?

Find the firmware here:

I would recommend using 1.9. That’s the most stable. I use 1.10.0. Has an error that prints freeze at 99% on occasion even though they’re done. (can be fixed editing g-code comments at end) Doesn’t really bother me since I do a lot more laser and cnc.

Put it on a usb drive (recommend using the one that came with SM) and insert into SM.
On the control pad swipe left and under settings you’ll find update firmware.
Select file and start it. (Occasionally it will freeze. Give it 10-20 minutes and then turn power on and off and try again)


Exactly the same happened to me. How can I force it to avoid the initial auto calibration so I can upgrade the firmware?

If you are saying your nozzle is crashing to the bed

I recommend trying to wave something metal directly under the sensor (black little box that sticks out under the print head) to see if it lights up.

If it does, that means it works but probably needs adjusted

If you really wana just upgrade firmware first, run the calibration but wave the metal under the sensor as it get to each point to trick it maybe

ultimately you will probably need to do the adjustment in any case though.

but you should search on the forum for sensor adjustment to see how that works, i think theres an article on the snapmaker site for it too

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Never mind. I screwed up Y|Z cables :frowning:

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