3d printer wont autolevel/calibrate

I got my 2.0 and assembled it today. I run the autoleveller and it goes through calibration points 1 through 4 never getting close to the bed at point 5 it pushes the bed down about 1/2 inch then lifts goes to the middle and says i need to manually level the point. But its not at the bad point anymore, and even after i adjustto the calibration card i cant get the “save” button to become active.
If i back out and start again, it grinds the bed on the back move and the print head goes off the right of the bed when it goes to calibration point 3 then pishes down on the bed like it did at point 5 above.
What is going on? Ive checked my screws are tight, the cables are tucked out of the way,and ive double checked the wires are in their assigned locations on the controller.

id guess assembly issue. Be sure Y rails are seated in the recesses.

Ding ding ding we have a winner!

Ok now i feel dumb… thanks for the help.

Gotta make sure to read that instruction manual close; it does specify to watch out for this, among several other things.