First time 3D printing failures

Been trying to 3D print for 2 days now and I think I have calibrated according to the tutorial. I downloaded a file the small boat and uploaded and sliced the g Code and successfully sent via WiFi. The unit accepts and says printer is doing the job but the module comes down on the far left hand side of the base and stays there. I can’t add video as I’m not allowed to apparently for being a new user. Don’t know if I need it recalibrate or anything. Kindly help I want to get one module down before trying to move on to the others.

Is it showing the nozzle and bed temps rising?
It’s normal for it to park there while waiting for those to reach the set temps. After that it will extrude some and then move to the starting point and start printing. Have you allowed it enough time (5-10 minutes at least depending on your room/enclosure temp and temp settings) to do that?


Thank you for this I had not waited long enough I guess I was a bit impatient I have had a few successful prints bt I noticed I had calibrated to close to the bed and it marked the bed and had to recalibrate and got a few good prints and one failed print. All in all think I’m learning and hope to learn to better the quality of my prints