Calibration for 3d print

Hi all,
I have a problem calibrating the printer. The tutorial video shows that the A4 must move in each of the 4 corner but when the print begins pla doesn’t hang on the plate.

Could you please show your model and Slicer settings? It seems like you are missing some support structures.


I have the same issues with the first layer calibration. I ended up to do a manual calibration. I actually did it more than once. But every time, after the calibration, the nozzle starts about 2-3 mm above the sheet. I’m out of ideas now.
I’m using 1.9.0 and the A350. I sliced the file in Luban and send it directly to the printer. No adjustments.

@SGResu may you upload your model or a picture of it?
I think, if you have problems with details from the buildplate, try print with a brim.

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Hi all and thank you for the replies,

As the print starts, it immediately make some mistake building the support for the front and rear part.

thank you

Perhaps try using a brim or a raft for adhesion optimization.


Ok, I’ll try it tomorrow morning. Thank you

This was an attempt with supports, it’s vwry hard to remove the supporting grid.

Brim worked fine, thank you all! :slight_smile:
my 1st full print!

it’s a pain to remove the supports however, maybe it’s too small: 2"