Calibration 1st 3 points are outside the bed (F350)

I just updated the F350 to the latest firmware (V1.14.20220113) and now the first 3 calibration points (3x3 grid, auto leveling) are outside of the bed. What am I doing wrong? manual leveling only allows up and down, but now forward/backward.
Any hint is appreciated (being new to Snapmaker :wink:

In almost every case this question was asked, the assembly of the machine was not correct. Are the linear rails correctly seated into the bed? No flipped around. Correct modules used for Y, X (same type) and Z-axis (other type).

If you want to be sure, post pictures of the front, side & back of the machine (full machine in view preferably)


attached some pictures. May be you can identify what I have done wrong.
Many many thanks for your support!

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Rails on the bed should be in the groove and not overhang.

As @brent113 says. The Y-rails are overhanging and need to move forward so they fit in the recessed area of the base plate.

Is actually evident from the picture in the Manual!!!

many thanks folks! That fixed the problem.
thanks for the great and fast support!

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