Auto level calibration is off center

While trying to calibrate the auto leveling feature on the 3d printing module, I found that the calibration sensor travels to a point off of the table on both the X and Y axis for point 1 on each of the calibration grids. This level of over travel (approximately 1.5 inches on Y and 1/2 to 1 inch on X) is still allowing the proximity censor to register that the print head is over the table when in fact it is about 1/4 to 1/5 of an inch beyond the edge of the table on the Y axis, and is consistent throughout the calibration.
I am looking for a way to adjust the calibration points so that the program begins on the table as opposed to the machine’s frame and the surface beneath. I can add pictures if needed.

I am also looking for a way to center my project on the printing surface, as I believe this mismatch in the calibration along with the lack of ability to move the project on the grid in the software is causing more than a few issues over all.

You probably can’t share some pictures yet since you’re a new member, but if you can that would help a lot. Use an offsite host for now if you need to.

A couple things to make sure you know. The sensor is the black piece to the right of the nozzle. So when it’s calibrating the nozzle will be off the bed while it’s measuring.

The other problem sounds like what usually happens with an incorrect assembly. Make sure your y-rails are centered on the platform in the recesses. They shouldn’t be hanging off one end.

As I said, pictures will help with diagnosis.

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Thank you so much! Was sure my husband put it together correctly but after checking your suggestion he had put it together off by one hole. LOL, and he’s a mechanic

Glad that was the solution.
You’re not even close to the first person to do it. That’s why I was able to guess with not much info. (I did it myself when first assembling but caught it as soon as I flipped my base over).
While you’re at it, double check that the bed frame is mounted correctly with nuts down and that flat head screws are being used to hold heated bed to frame so that they’re flush. Those are the two other most common mistakes.


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