X-y bed "calibration"

Sorry if I am repeating but I don’t see this elsewhere. Newbie.

3-d print. I run the auto-levelling procedure but it fails because the calibration sequence is not properly positioned on the print bed - it is off center such that the rear calibration points are right at the limit of the bed and the detector doesn’t seem to detect the bed - the printhead runs right into and depresses the bed.

The position detector does seem to work properly using the technique described online, and most of the points do seem to be detected in a reasonable fashion - mostly those rear points.

Is there a way of re-setting or manually setting the x-y zero or start point or middle of the bed?

Thanks Richard

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Can you check everything is set up right and the dual Y rails fit perfectly into the depressions in the base plate. Also is the print head connected to the second down and second up row of screw holes.

Share some pictures using something like google, you probably wont be allowed to share here if you have just joined.

There’s a few threads on common errors. You probably installed the rails wrong or the cast bed is upside down.

Should look like this.

Fortunately or unfortunately the errors you describe have not happened - the Snapmaker is pretty easy to construct and I have indeed done so correctly.

I have found threads with problems with table gouging (that would be Z calibration) and indeed I have that too (~2 mm last night!) but I am referring to the x-y position of the bed/calibration. I have not seen the threads referred to but will check again - perhaps Mads0100 can help me find them with a reference.

The next calibration I will try to get a photo.


I’ve just encountered the same issue. :disappointed:

I changed my setup from Laser to 3D Printing.
I wanted to start with a 5x5 auto-calibration but then noted the calibration started out-of-bounds by a few mm in both the x- and y-direction!
I cancelled the auto-calibration and switched to a manual one.
Then - mysteriously - the first manual calibration point appeared where it should normally be.
I was curious, so I turned the machine off and on again.
I switched back to auto-calibration and this time it again started in a wrong position, albeit a bit “better” than the first time and not completely out-of-bounds.

What is going on here?
@Snapmaker-Edwin, care to explain?

Besides this, is there an “official” approach/guide towards bed levelling and general 3D Printing calibration?
I’ve spent quite a bit of time today going through the forums and through Facebook groups.
I keep seeing all kinds of advice but no clear alignment on an “optimal way” to sort this out… :unamused:

Out of curiosity, did you happen to update the firmware recently?

Yes, just a few days ago updated to latest version.

Roll it back and see if the issue persists.