Cable holder snapped and ruined the cable

I had a three day print going and noticed the cable holder for the 3D print module broke and the cable worked it’s way to the front of the printing rubbing against the metal post. I found it before it shorted out the printed(see photos)

You’ll need to fill out a Support Ticket. I do see one issue though. The Tool Module cable appears to be routed in front of the machine, when it should be routed around the back side of the machine. Is that how you have been using it? Or did you move it just for the photo?

It was behind the machine but when the cable holder broke it moved in front of the machine causing it to rub against the post.

From what I see in the image, the cable could have only been routed to the front. The cable coming out of the Controller is routed to the front of the machine, when that cable from the plug in the Controller should be going to the back of the machine. The cable holder breaking couldn’t change that.

I’m 100% positive the cable was behind the post. I’ve made my share of mistakes but I know where I had the cable. I’m not even sure if the machine is still under warranty so all I want to do is to buy a new cable and to warn others to check the cable holder.

The way my cables came in terms of length and stiffness I had this happen once, its why i use cable clips (one from the same set @RFM5 is using) really quickly to keep it behind.

@scyto you can see what I am say though, right? If the cable was coming from behind the X-gantry, and the clip broke, the cable would fall behind the X-gantry. How does the cable get to be in front if the X-gantry without someone/something lifting the cable over the right Z-axis Linear Module?

oh i totally understand why you are saying what you are

I am saying my cables are elastic(?) enough that they like to return to the shape they were in the box and the have tendency to move on their own, i saw my head cable do that - it rose up and trapped itself on top of the right z module pillar in my case! and it had enough slack it could fall in front. I know, weird huh. Glad i was there to quickly power off…

A similar thing happened to me, but with the linear module on the x-axis.

Cable routed properly behind but came loose and the memory in the cable flipped it over the tower and it wrapped around the Z tower. Then the Z movement down ripped the end out of the cable.

I did contact support and they said it was user error and they were not replacing the linear module. And despite the internal end having a plug they said they were unable to provide just the cable. So I disassembled everything and repaired the cable myself.

I just received my replacement Linear Modules, so I’ll take a look at it. My Tool Head Cable isn’t long enough to go all the way over the right Z-axis Linear Module, but it was able to get onto a corner and get stuck. This was around the time that I was performing a bed leveling, so I just flicked the cable. After that, I think I added some bends and a zip-tie to some of the other cables coming out of the controller, and it never happened again. Once I get this all back together I’ll be able to see what I did.

In order to prevent the Tool Head Cable from causing issues, I did this:

  1. After you pull the cable through the strain relief, rotate it 360° counter-clockwise before plugging it into the Tool Module. This twist should help force the cable to stay down, and not ride up.
  2. Place a cable tie loosely around the Tool Module Cable and the Heated Bed Cable. This helps by slightly reducing the length of free cable, and by keeping the Heated Bed Cable elevated, so that it doesn’t get stuck under the platform

Now I need to clean up my cabling, and put the Enclosure back into place. Hopefully this helps.

That is a good solution.
I have an extra Y cable but the cable is too short to use. This is a major drawback from owning a Snapmaker is trying to find replacement parts. For any of the other major brands you can get any part you need.

Contact support@snapmaker and you can get replacement cables.


Yeah… it’s like Creality, Anycubic and Prusa are the ar-15 of the printer world. Multiple third party manufacturers make parts for them. Snapmaker and everyone else is the FN SCAR, have to buy parts directly from them, they’re expensive and out of stock is common. Don’t mean to offend anyone by using rifles for comparison. Just the best thing I could think of lol.

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Lmfao: fully semi automatic printing


It went full auto on my print


@brent113 sending console commands via WiFi is the Forward Assist, absolutely useless. @RFM5 your cable holder is a failed BCG, and the cable was the buffer tube that suffered for it.


Snapmaker said they will send replacement parts. I’ll try WilliamBosacker’s cable tie to hopefully prevent it from happening again.


I’m surprised but not surprised it broke. I’m very concerned on my A250 that where the shaft attaches to that bracket is the weak point. I decided to move the spool off to an external spool holder/dryer as a result. Best of luck with getting everything back to normal ASAP. Did you power the machine off mid print and will you be able resume the print as a result?