Bug in Luban v.4.1.3? (Temperature)

Hey together,

i think i found a bug. There are two temperatures you can select in the material settings.
One for the main print and one for the initial print. But it looks like only the temperature of the initial print is used.

For example if you select T=200°C for the main print and Ti=210°C for the initial print, the main print will also be done with 210°C so it will not change to 200°C.

Can someone else confirm this behaviour?

Yes it actually has been happening to me for over a year I had been able to change on touchscreen now that I upgraded to Luban 4.1.3 and the touchscreen V1.14.1 I now cannot change on touchscreen any more. I have read a couple of other peoples posts and it seems to be a concern. I have sent emails and tech support and have been waiting. Hopefully Snapmaker can come up with a new firmware upgrade to address this.

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Another concern I had after upgrading the Luban code given after creating project and sending to touchscreen changes. I now need to write 2 different numbers to keep track of projects or at least track to touchscreen and edit accordingly

Thanks for confirming, but changing on Touchscreen works for me.

Curious is your touchscreen V1.14.1?

Well on the Display it says v1.14.1_20211207

Marlin SM2-4.4.11
Compiled: Dec 6 2021, 20:37:55
PACKAGE: Snapmaker_V4.4.11
Module Ver:
Module 0x00307A86: v1.11.4
Module 0x0001F246: v1.11.4
Module 0x0050F6E2: v1.11.4
Module 0x0030799E: v1.11.4
Module 0x003079A8: v1.11.4
Machine Size: S

Interesting I was able to change on touchscreen until I upgraded to V1.14.1 I made several prints and decided to investigate through forums and joined the Facebook group. After reading posts I had read several other people had same concern. One person had reached out to SM on an email and received a reply they were sorry for the inconvenience and realize there is a bug in that version and too install a older version V1.13.2 until the fix the bug.

saw there is a new firmware: Snapmaker 2.0 Firmware Updates and Downloads

just updated and now it says:

Marlin SM2-4.4.16
Compiled: Jan 10 2022, 17:28:43
PACKAGE: Snapmaker_V4.4.16
Module Ver:
Module 0x003079A8: v1.11.5
Module 0x0030799E: v1.11.5
Module 0x0050F6E2: v1.11.5
Module 0x0001F246: v1.11.5
Module 0x00307A86: v1.11.5
Machine Size: S

There is also a new Luban Version 4.1.4 on github (pre-release) maybe they fixed it