Bug? Filament runout resume temperature

Hi Snapmakers,

I had the unfortunate event that my filament ran out mid-print, but the fortunate situation that the runout detection and resume just worked like a charm - thanks @staff for this well working feature!

However, I seem to have spotted a bug. For filament change, the nozzle goes to 200°C. But after print resumes, the nozzle remains on this temp, instead of going back to target temp (was 215°C in my case). Firmware is 1.10.

Can anyone confirm?



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This is no bug was said, because you could change your filament brand so you have to give it the temperature you want manually.
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Thanks for the answer - I can follow this argument! Good point!

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Does the machine maintain it’s bed temps while waiting for a filament change?

I guess not, this would cause warping.

Tested it last night and both the nozzle and bed stayed hot (as I had hoped) while waiting for me to add filament. My concern was items popping off the bed if it cooled.