Out of Filament handling looses Temperature setting

I REALLY hope we get a Firmware update soon.
I’ve noticed that if you run out of Filament, the SnapMaker switches the nozzle back to 200 deg for the rest of the print.
For the prints I’m doing - this ruins the remainder of the print. I NEED the 205 setting.

Can’t you just set the temperature after you change the filament?

Can you change the nozzle temperature while a print is printing?
There doesn’t seem to be any way to change it when doing the filament change.

Yes, you can change temp of nozzle or bed while it is running though if there is a change later on in the program, it will take effect. This with SM2.

Edit: I can confirm that after you change filament it lets you change the temperature of the print head but that IT DOES NOT TAKE EFFECT. I tried changing the temperature and then switching over to one of the other change screens and then back to the print head temperature, the temperature was still changed there but when I switched back to the status screen, the new temperature was not there, it was defaulting to the 200 it switched to after the filament load. @parachvte? Looks like a bug.

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@Tone Do you mean after changing filament, the temperature adjustments DID NOT take effect, but if you don’t change filament the same operation DID take effect? Can you stop the print and go back to Home screen to check the head temperature there? If the temperature is correct then it’s a display issue.

I can only re-produce and confirm this behavior until next week (when we can go back to office), sorry for the delay.

I can confirm that the first part of your question is verified, I haven’t verified the second part yet, that you can change the temperature if you haven’t changed the filament.

Well I tried the experiment again and this time everything worked properly. I did notice that the first time the temperature was set to 200 when inside the filament out routine, but while you are there you can adjust the temperature before you load and it continues with the new temperature. So what I saw before must have been an anomaly. I did try changing the temperature again after it started running again and it worked fine.

I did have something else happen for the first time, it stopped in the middle of the print. TS stopped responding. So I turned off the power in such a way that it would think it was a power outage. It did recover and took over at just the place it stopped.

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