Filament runout/change looses Nozzle temp setting

I’ve noticed that when the SnapMaker detects out of Filament, it switches back to the default temperature of 200 for the reload - and then keeps that temperature when it continues the print.
My print is set to run at 210.


Thanks for reporting this issue. It indeed is a bug.

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I have a issue about this.
If the filament runs out and gets in its runout routine the head goes home.
The touchscreen asks you if you want to change.
I putted filament in immediately while the nozzle was hot and pressed continue, now the print goes on.
I am not sure right now if the temperature falls off till cold extrusion prevention or prints with 200 degree C.

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You could watch what it is doing with a usb connection via the console, it should report any temperature changes.

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I think the hotend will stay at the temperature where you change filament, until another G-code changes it. Cuz sometimes you want the temperature to fit the new filament, this is a chance that you can change it.

  1. For current version, you need to set the temperature back manually if you want previous temperature
  2. A little improvement, what if we initialize the change filament page with current working temperature. When change filament is completed, we leave the temperature where it is.

I think that would be perfect. If you don’t want to change temperature you can just leave it be and otherwise adjust it to your new filament.

Your way would be easier, I now use the filament runout for multicolor faceshields, same print temperature of different colours.