Overmolding/-printing using filament change

I thought I’d share my first try of the more or less newly supported M600 command.
This is basically used to trigger the filament runout event to make a manual filament change possible and can be placed basically anywhere in the GCode file. In my case I placed it just before the zip negative is covered by the next layer:

And resumed the print right afterwards. Be sure to remove stringing artifacts before inserting the object in question and make sure that there is enough space to put it completely in. Also note that the runout detection sets the nozzle temperature to 200°C. This made me waste two prints because I assumed it would continue with the previously set temperature. I was using PETG at 240°C thus something near to a cold extrusion happened. I hope the Snapmaker team will fix this in the future.
I added a second filament change to change the color. I really recommend adding a prime tower/throw away object near to the actual object to prime the nozzle before resuming the print. Otherwise, the next layer printed will suffer from some material loss.
My final result was this jacket zip tag:

In the hope that this little idea inspires others :slight_smile:


I love it, nicely done!