Question about bed temp F350

Hey guys. Tomorrow my snapmaker 2.0 F350 will arive. And i did order 1 roll of ASA.

Did check the F250 before and saw the bed goes to 100c. However, the F350 goes to 80C it says on the website.

Will i be able to print this?

I’ve printed ASA on my old A350, although I have the enclosure. While they list the bed as max 80C, I found it allows higher, it just takes AGES to heat up. 10-15 minutes or more. Another note is I have a PEI spring steel sheet, I’ve never used the factory one so I can’t comment on adhesion with it.

Jeah i do not have the enclosure (yet). Just dont have the room for that massive thing haha.
Wich PEI spring steel sheet did you buy and where if i may ask?

It was a dual sided (smooth on one side for PLA and ASA, textured on the other for PETG and TPU) energetic brand from AliExpress.

Can you send me a link?

@Oxygen due to the shrinkage characteristics of materials like ASA and ABS, you will not obtain any good results if you are not able to keep ambient temperature above 40°C, and ensure that there is no air flow at all. Any air flow, or a lower ambient temperature, will result in the print warping. This is why an enclosure is required.

P.S. ASA is hygroscopic, like PETG and nylon. Any moisture in the filament will also ruin your print, so you’ll need a dryer as well.

Alright thanks! Then i will return this spool of ASA.

Don’t start your 3d printing experience with ASA, its very difficult to print, you need perfect machine calibration and a wide knowlege how different settings react.

As said before an enclosure is a must have.

Jeah i was just wondering. I am not new to 3d printing btw, but thanks for the headsup.
Did gte the machine today and its awesome. Tomorrow ill go and get it calibrated as good as possible.