Print Sheet saga!

After a disastrous start to my SM2 with auto calibration issues and the nozzle digging into the print surface pretty much rendering it useless on one side still had the other to use but then that suffered some calibration issues. Finally got a new one from snapmaker warranty, but fedex looked like they used it as a Frisbee and put a massive divit in the edge of it with a very sharp part of the metal torn rendering this one also not very usable. I have another one on the way but in the mean time I decided to try and get the original surface I got clean and free of glue and the old print surface (holy hell) what kind of glue was that you guys used on these man it was thick and harder than hell to get off took hours, nice job!! If anyone else wants to try and clean the surface use goo gone for the bulk of the glue with a puddy knife and then acetone for the remaining residue. I have mine cleaned and put blue painters tape and some washable glue on it and its working like a champ. Snapmaker has been very responsive with this warranty request and I truly appreciate that. the work @Edwin has done in making sure I have what I needed!!!

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Looks great, good job.

I can report back that after taking the sticker off and using just blue painters tape and a thin layer of glue i have had excellent adhesion with ABS, PETG and PLA no warping at all. Right now starting a 78hr print with not enough filament on the spool lets hope the runout sensor works well. The bed also heats up much faster without the thick sheets on it. To be sure things are level I run the calibration before each print, you just get way better adhesion each time by doing so. Have now printed 3 full 1kg of filament out of SM2 A350 (1-petg, 1-pla, 1-abs all hatchbox)

Filament change happened around 0300 MDT without issues, was quite nice woke up grabbed another roll of filament and added it to print head made sure heat was set right and started printing. Worked like a charm now upped the speed to 150% to get this done before I leave friday night. next thing we need is the native ability to turn printer off from VPN network without octoprint and relay would be quite nice for the SM3 hahaha. for now octoprint and a relay on VPN will have to do!

Thank you!!! :grinning: :grinning: