Axes only move when I switch Y and Z axis on the Controller

Hi there,
I only can home and manually move the axes when I switch the Cables from the Y and the Z axis on the controller(Y axis is moving if I try to move the z axis, so as it should, if I switch the cables) . If they are connected correctly nothing is moving, even not the homing process. I have tried out different firmware options, but it is not changing anything. Everything is connected as in the manual.
Thank you for your helpful tips!
Snapmaker 2.0 A350t

Double check all your connections, even if they look seated, unplug and replug them. Then downgrade to firmware version 1.13.2
followed by upgrading to the latest (as of writing this) 1.14.3

Also make sure you installed the 20mm and 8mm lead screws in the proper positions. X/Y are 20mm and Z is 8mm. They’re marked on the side. You can post pictures for us to help verify if you want.

What does the “About Machine” section say? As I recall if there’s a problem detecting what machine it is (it does this by reading the linear module sizes) it won’t allow movement (to prevent damage). This was one of the problems when upgrading the rails that required going down and back up on firmware to update the linear modules.
If none of this works, you’ll have to contact support and provide videos/pictures