Print head not centered

Just setup my A350. The auto-calibration is not centered though. Seems like the Y axis is off by about an inch so that the lower three calibration points have the head off the surface. And the X axis is off about 1/2" inch causing the left points to be off the surface. How do I correct this?

I have double checked all the axis mounts and they are connected via the correct holes as shown in the instructions.

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Please send photos from your machine to see whats going wrong

The sensor is to the right of the nozzle. So when it’s calibrating it’s putting the sensor to the point where the nozzle will be when printing.
Post pictures to verify correct assembly (from front level with bed & from front at height of z towers looking down.)


Yes I just figured that out. After a thorough inspection I noticed that I attached the Y rails to the base off an inch. So after fixing that it appears to be calibrating fine now. Sorry for wasting your time. Also upgraded the firmware and now it appears centered after calibrating.

Thanks again.

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Experiencing same issue. No issues with firmware V1.8.0.0 but after updating firmware to V1.10.1 the print head will not center on auto calibrate.

@bl89 What do you mean with the printhead is not center please post pictures to understand!

The print head will be off center during calibration, because the sensor is not in the center of the 3dp module, so it is going off of the sensor instead of the nozzle.

if you are having an issue beyond that, please elaborate

what @MooseJuice said.

Also, fwiw V1.9 of firmware is the most stable.


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Hey, sorry for the confusion. After it finishes the auto calibration the nozzle is about 2 inches off center on the x axis. prints are centered in luban software yet it is still printing slightly off center.

in the image below you can see the print is off center of the grid.

Its because of the offset between nozzle and sensor

so is there a way to manually adjust it? because the miscommunication between the luban software and the machine is a little annoying

also i dont think its an issue with the offset of the senor and the nozzle because then it would be out on the y axis not the x. and im pretty sure the engineers at snapmaker would have put in some compensation for that.

If we understand what you’re saying, being slightly off center while printing doesn’t really affect anything. I wouldn’t worry about it.
If we’re misunderstanding you more pictures of what you mean would help.

Also, if you could please post pictures of your machine. Level with bed from front and in front from height of z towers tilting down is good.


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M206 but I’d suggest just ignoring it.

well it sort of does become an issue if im printing something that is going to use all of the printing surface. seeing as there is like a 2 inch discrepancy between what shows up in luban and what the snapmaker produces. also since it was working fine before i updated firmware there definitely is an issue.

1.10.1 and 1.10.0 have issues. (personally found 1.10.1 unusable)
1.9 is most stable.

You can always just manually move the item over on build plate in Luban if you needed every mm of it.


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like this?

Your machine assembly looks correct, so far.
Please share your gcode, it even could be a small model with the same problems :wink:

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I am curious if you have chosen the correct model of your machine in luban? perhaps it thinks you have a different sized bed than youdo

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That’s a strange one.
From your screen grab of luban it’s set as A350.
Most people’s are off a cm or two but yours is way more than that.
Your assembly looks fine.
Before it starts to print when it pauses off the front left side of the bed, is the nozzle right at the corner or is it off to the left an inch?
Where does it end up when it homes? (pictures would be good)

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oh yeah thats a good thought.

maybe one of the limit switches is not placed properly and is being triggered early or something

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