Any imported models need repair

We’ve just got a new Snapmaker and want to test out the CNC function.

Every model I try to import has errors and needs to be repaired. I’ve tried different sites, selecting models that are made for CNC. The files are .stl files.

I’ve opened one of the files in blender and exported as an .stl with the same result.

Is there something wrong with our install or am I downloading the wrong models?
I’m using Luban 4.4.0

When I repair the model they all look fragmented. Can’t post a second pic due to forum rules.

Any advice would be great!


It’s possible there could be an issue with the models—can you link to one so we can check it out? It’s also possible you may have hit a bug in Luban, which has a plenitude of them. It’s usually advised to use Fusion 360 if you’re going to do nontrivial CNC with the Snapmaker. (FreeCAD is also a possibility, but there are fewer people using it here, so it may be harder to get help.)

Try importing it, repair it, generate the tool paths, and watch the tool paths. See if it makes sense or does something dumb. If you don’t like the tool path it generates, re-import and don’t repair, and repeat. If it still does something dumb, you likely do have a model problem.

There was a recent post about some 3D Printing model problems, and the slicer generated a better toolpath on the unrepaired model. But the model still had issues that needed to be fixed.

Links and pictures would help. I don’t remember the exact rules, but if you interact with the forum a bit, it’ll unlock the abilities. I think you need to read something like 10 topics and comments, and do some searches maybe? My google-fu isn’t finding the information I’m looking for :-/


Here are a few that I’ve tried:

I moved from a Windows laptop to my Mac and still seeing issues.

We are using the Snapmaker original if that makes a difference.

It doesn’t seem to make a difference on the ornamental design in my other post in this thread. The preview doesn’t look right but if I export it to the workspace it looks ok whether I repair it or not.

It would help a lot if someone could point me to an stl file on thingiverse, cults or wherever that they know works. That would help me figure out if it’s the file or me.

Thanks for the help!

YASTH - Yet Another Snapmaker Tool Holder by clewis - Thingiverse and Snapmaker build plate cover by clewis - Thingiverse are two models that I’ve 3D printed on my Original using earlier versions of Luban. I didn’t re-slice the first one in Luban 4.4.0, but the second one imported and sliced without error. I haven’t done any CNC yet.

I used to have problems with build plate adhesion, because the bed would get dusty (I don’t have an enclosure). Printing 4 of those build plate covers worked great for keeping it dust free. I also like the first one because the filament spool is better positioned, and does bind on some large prints.