Checking 3D models before printing


II am new to 3D printing I have printed a few models from thingiverse and the those which came with the printer all successfully. I now decided to create a model in Sketchup (something simple) and export it has a .stl file. The problem that I am having now is there are a lot of holes in my model. I have tried to fix them myself, but it is taking alone time, Luban starts creating the gcode but sit there at 27%. What is the best option for correcting defects? can Luban create models or do I need to use a different piece of software.

The function you’re looking for is usually called “mesh repair”. Check around inside Sketchup—I think it might be built into some versions. Otherwise, you may need a specialized extension for it, like . Anyway, it’s a common problem with a lot of automated solutions—there should be no need to work your model over by hand.

Luban is not capable of 3D model creation or mesh repair. It’s strictly a gcode slicer, and not an especially good one at that.

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I feel the need to note that Cura, another slicer that is free and popular, does offer some limited mesh repair options.

I’d suggest meshmixer or meshlab for fixing meshes.
Neither is especially user friendly but both have some auto-repair capability.

For creating simple (and not so simple) 3D objects you might want to try Tinkercad. User interface is super friendly and I haven’t had any problems with their stl’s in Luban.
(You can check out some of the things I’ve created with it: )

Thanks, for the inro I had installed SketchUp stl which I thought done repairs on 3D models it points out errors but some of them you have to fix yourself

I have been looking at Cura reviews, looked at Snapmaker manual on how to setup Cura then they give a disclaimer that it may void your warranty. Will investigate it a bit more first.

Funny, it was only this morning that I watched a YouTube video about Tinkercad and thought that may be an interesting program to use. I will try it.
My goal is to just have a couple programs which I can use to create without spending time trying to figure out what has gone wrong.

Yeah, me too. I thought that was what Luban was supposed to do.
Unfortunately I’m probably using almost a dozen programs (some just occasionally) because of what some do easiest and haven’t had to do too much learning on them. A bunch of those are image programs just to get artwork ready. Some of it is because I’m pushing the limits on what the SM can do.

I wouldn’t worry too much about Cura and the warranty warning. Standard boiler plate. They are providing settings for you to use. Just get an understanding of what changing a setting does before you change it.

also the main thing that disclaimer is for is in the machine setup. using cura wont void the warranty (Luban’s slicer is a old spin off of cura) but when your entering the machine settings, if you put the build area in wrong it could gouge your bed, or do all sorts of other bad things. so just double check those settings before you click ok (only have to set them up once) and you will be fine.