Snapmaker won't slice HELP

Hi everyone,

I’ve just started and I’m using a Snapmaker original. The other day Windows 10 did an update and since then snapmaker Luban won’t slice anything. I can open the software and import a model but when i click on generate g-code it just hangs “slicer 0.0%”:

I’ve tried reinstalling the snapmaker software.
I’ve reported the issue to snapmaker but just got a automatic email.

Please help I have a class of primary school kids desperate to print their designs before the end of term.

Ngā mihi

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over to you Phoebe @hyeii if you can help


Download and install the latest luban from the forum and try again!

Have you tried a file that you’ve successfully sliced in the past? That would tell us if it’s really a Luban issue, or potentially a model issue.

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Thanks I did try reinstalling the latest version which was 3.5 (the same that I had) at the time but that didn’t work I also tried multiple files that I had already successfully sliced and printed. (all the easy fixes first hey)

But I checked back yesterday and the good people at Snapmaker have uploaded a new version of Snapmaker Luban (3.6) and YAY it has the fixes in it - THANK YOU SO MUCH everyone for taking the time to try and help fix and for the Snapmaker team for supplying the new version to fix the bug.


Loaded Luban 3.10.2, will not slice, 3d printing

Preparing for Slicing, but never does.
having the same problem on both pc and Mac
Have uninstalled an reinstalled numerous times.
Sometimes it works for a little while after new install.
Am I missing something, are is the software that unstable?

Which version are you using of Luban?

Just downloaded latest version.
Acts like it won’t refresh cache
Worked fine yesterday

Are you trying with the same model repeatidly?

Maybe try a different file.

How bout like a nice simple calibration cube or something as a test

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It appears the cache can get corrupted.
On a mac it’s here:/Users/[yourusername]/Library/Application Support/snapmaker-luban/Cache
Not sure about pc.
What are you trying to slice? Some more complicated objects give Luban fits. And sometimes a bad stl can be unsliceable. Have you tried slicing in Cura?
Share the stl and we can take a look at it.

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I appreciate your help, the screen shot shows Laban test file.
Same results.
Lower left screen, Preparing for Slicing…
Nothing happens after I get to this stage.

You’re getting the error where all the settings are blank.
Haven’t had that problem and can’t recall the fix. Search or someone will chime in soon.
I assume you’ve quit and reopened luban.
Can you try this? Delete vase from bed. Go under the “gear” menu and select “config” and then “restore defaults”. Then under view menu do “Force reload”. Then quit luban and reopen.


Discussion just popped up again:


Thanks, still not generating G code.

Consider trying Cura.

I made a short little video explaining why its a good idea to transition for another member, i will share with you as well:

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Sounds good, thanks forward to seeing your video

I see in your Video that Luban is no longer working correctly on my computers.
Will try uninstalling again, shut down my computer before trying to reinstall.
Have downloaded Cura