Snapmaker won't slice HELP

Hi everyone,

I’ve just started and I’m using a Snapmaker original. The other day Windows 10 did an update and since then snapmaker Luban won’t slice anything. I can open the software and import a model but when i click on generate g-code it just hangs “slicer 0.0%”:

I’ve tried reinstalling the snapmaker software.
I’ve reported the issue to snapmaker but just got a automatic email.

Please help I have a class of primary school kids desperate to print their designs before the end of term.

Ngā mihi

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over to you Phoebe @hyeii if you can help


Download and install the latest luban from the forum and try again!

Have you tried a file that you’ve successfully sliced in the past? That would tell us if it’s really a Luban issue, or potentially a model issue.

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Thanks I did try reinstalling the latest version which was 3.5 (the same that I had) at the time but that didn’t work I also tried multiple files that I had already successfully sliced and printed. (all the easy fixes first hey)

But I checked back yesterday and the good people at Snapmaker have uploaded a new version of Snapmaker Luban (3.6) and YAY it has the fixes in it - THANK YOU SO MUCH everyone for taking the time to try and help fix and for the Snapmaker team for supplying the new version to fix the bug.