Another Snapmaker Tool Holder

Snapmaker Tool Holder for Enclosure by Zong200k February 08, 2021

This allows me to hang the most frequently used tools on the side of the enclosure without taking up any desktop space.

Use one reserve long M4 screw from the enclosure frame, no adhesive required.

I am not sure if this is compatible with the A250 or A150 enclosure, it depends on the distance between the top right screw hole on the left panel to the panel’s edge. If the distance from the center of the hole to the side is equal to 12.50mm and 65.50mm then it is compatible, or you can share the 250 and 150 dimensions with me, and I will add these two versions.


That’s a cool one. Thanks for sharing.
Downloaded. Sliced. Printing now :smile:
Enjoy your day!

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