A250 /A350 Enclosure Screws

A250 /A350 Enclosure Screws

I have just purchased my second A250 and enclosure.
However, I encountered a problem with the enclosure assembly bolts breaking.

M4x28 with thin thickness bolts.
Almost all of the 32 bolts cannot withstand during or after tightening and the heads of the screws come off and blow off.

The screw heads popped off after the enclosure was assembled, causing the enclosure to disassemble.

Please note that the strength of the screw is almost non-existent and the screw head will come off even with very low tightening force.

Quite a few reports on FB of that happening. Definitely not sourcing high quality screws.


I’d contact Snapmaker support. They need to improve their QC!

I had exactly the same issue… quality on that screws is very bad

Same here. 22 of 38 screw heads popped. Snapmaker sent me replacements that were better.

Hello everyone!
I haven’t seen FaceBook, so I don’t know about that, but I learned that there have been incidents of broken screws for enclosure assembly for quite some time.

I have emailed Snapmaker support to request a replacement for the 32 broken screws, but have not received a response.

The screws appear to be off-the-shelf screws that have been machined from the back side using a turning process to make the screw heads thinner.

There is almost no room between the diagonal length of the center hexagonal bolt and the thickness of the bolt head, so when tension is applied, the bolt head will come off.

I am very disappointed that people other than myself have not taken QC action on this problem that has been occurring for quite some time.

This is my second A250 purchase and the quality has dropped since the first kickstarter.

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I seem to observe that quality is all over the place since Kickstarter… I see on Facebook people sharing perfect first layers just taking their new machine out of the box, while others (like me) have to take pains to get an even print surface. I see people printing non-stop never facing issues, while quite a few others have failing linear modules. The screw thing is happening to some (and if, it’s like all screws are rubbish), while most seem to have no issues. But this mixture of reports has not changed since Kickstarter times. My takeaway: Snapmaker has accepted a certain amount of lemons in their QC process. As a customer it can only mean that you need to insist on replacements… It is part of their pricing/business model.

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Yeah, I had that problem too. The problem is that the heads are thin and there is little metal connecting the heads to the screw body. I had three of them fail, but thankfully they supplied sufficient extra screws and I made sure not to use the Allen key that came with the enclosure. I used the screw driver that came with the A350 and made sure not to over tighten them. That fixed the problem for me.

I charged Snapmaker for 32 screws and they ignored my request…

I was not at fault for the poor quality enclosure assembly screws.

I’m sure there are others like me.