Need help to understand real dimension of SM 2

Hi guys,
I’ve pre-ordere the A150 but now I’m thinking that if still possible I could switch to the A250…
First of all I need to understand the real size of the A150 and the A250 because I need a snall machine.
Are these spec correct?

Real proctical question:
I have to buy a table that will place near wall… which dimension I need considering also the filament and the movements?


My v1’s build plate sticks out a few centimeters when the bed is all the way forward and back. Because of that, I would look at the size of the enclosures rather than the size of the unit.

According to the product page, the enclosures are:
Dimensions (L x W x H):

  • A350: 625 mm x 820 mm x 602 mm
  • A250: 531 mm x 624 mm x 507 mm
  • A150: 398 mm x 423 mm x 407 mm

Although, based on the spec page you linked to, the A150 enclosure isn’t wide enough to hold the A150, so I’m not sure anymore.

The A150 and A250 enclosures don’t appear to be making a large allowance for the bed to stick out much, but the A350 enclosure has a lot of extra room.

I don’t think those enclosure dimensions include allowance for the filament spool projecting back, upward, and to the side.

The only measuring tape I have on hand is an old one with US-customary measurements, and I had to lean into an irregularly-sized space to do the measuring, but I get roughly 17" x 24" x 21" or (rounding up) 44cm x 61cm x 54cm for my A150 with the enclosure and 1kg spool of Snapmaker filament mounted on it (I don’t guarantee 100% accuracy, but the dimensions are not likely to be larger than what I have here).

Keep in mind that you will need top/side/rear access for toolhead changes, and that there is an external power supply that can rest on top of the enclosure or on a different surface (a stool, a shelf, or the floor). The movement of the bed stays within the enclosure.

Without the enclosure, you’ll need a little less space, because the spool doesn’t stick as far out when mounted on the Snapmaker directly.

Thank you so much ElloryJaye!
Looking at this picture it’s not clear to me if 470mm and 380mm are describet fine: is it real that the width (looking in front of the SM) is bigger than the depth?
Can you add the width, depth and high info on your mesuraments?

Another question: what do you think about your A150? Do you suggest me to go to the A250 if I can or the working area of A150 is enough?

Okay, let me be more exact. 44cm width, left to right. 61cm depth, front to back. 54cm height. The large depth measurement is due in part to the full diameter of the filament spool sticking out behind.

I have run into the odd thing that I might like to print but that requires a slightly larger bed than the A150 has (it’s common for people on Thingiverse to design for printer beds 22cm square), but it hasn’t been that much of a limitation, and there are supposed to eventually be additional parts sold to extend the bed in the X-Y dimensions. I suspect the small size is going to be a bit more of a problem with the laser cutter and CNC features, as stock will have to be cut down quite a bit in order to fit inside the enclosure, but I haven’t played with those yet. If you’re interested at all in the planned rotary module, though, get the A250, as the A150 will not support it.

So in the end, it depends on what your main use case for the Snapmaker is.

Thank you very much for all the info! :slight_smile:

So… in the picture here:

the width and the depth are inverted, isn’t it?

Its more than inverted, i messured this:

@Rainie @JKC20 @Edwin


Yes, my impression is that the dimensions are just plain wrong as well. Attempting to measure inside the enclosure with a ruler tells me that 1. the A150 is deeper than it’s wide even without a filament spool mounted, and 2. it isn’t 47cm in any dimension (it might just barely make 47cm deep with a filament spool, but the diagram on the product page shows it without).

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Come on Snapmaker Team! It’s not so difficult to measure the 3 models! :frowning:

Lol they measured it… just the ruler they printed was a bit off. They must have forgotten to calibrate their A350 xP

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We will update the information soon. The pictures are showing the old measurements…

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Hope they not used the same rule for make some calibration on our machine! ahahhaha! :slight_smile:

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No definitely not :joy:. The dimensions weren’t measured and they were obtained from prototypes… That’s why there is a discrepancy between the real measurement and the one we provided…

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Ok, please let us know when this page will be updated with the correct size:


Hi guys, the dimension on the spec page are still wrong! Can you please update?

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