Enclosure tool rack

I created this tool rack that hangs off the enclosure. No need to bolt, it slides in and hangs on either side. It was designed for the A250 enclosure, but I’m thinking they probably all use the same aluminum extruded parts, just different lengths, so it should maybe fit all three enclosures?

It lives at thingiverse - Snapmaker 2 enclosure tool caddy by FAS66 - Thingiverse


I like that!
Been thinking I needed something like that but haven’t taken the time to figure it out.
I’m using 2020 extrusion so I can check and see if it works fine on that or needs modification.

I don’t know what 2020 extrusion means :grinning:

Here’s the bit that slips into the cross piece if you want to just test that.

OK, I can’t attach files so I’ll post to thingiverse and give the link…

Hers a link to just the piece that slides into the beam for testing -

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I really like this idea. This post has been pinned on the top of this section.

I will PM you later.


Do you have the fusion file too you can post?

I built it in Vectorworks. I can export but not as a fusion 360. Will a .dwg or .dxf file work? Or something else? And what’s the best place to post the file?

@Snapmaker-Edwin, can you confirm that it will work on any enclosure - that they all use the same aluminum extrusion for the top beams? Thanks!

You can actually upload it to thingiverse, and have people grab it from there, I think.


Hope you have received my message.

You’d better upload the STL file in thingiverse and share a link here.


You mean like the link he shared in his original post?


I Think so, I’ve seen other people on Thingiverse share there CAD file.

@Snapmaker-Edwin I did get your message - I replied and got an automated response.

@Filmman586 what file format should I post it as? I don’t have fusion 360. It is currently a .vwx file…

Try that one. I’ll see if I can use it. Thanks!

Can just import the stl into fusion and project it onto a sketch, replicate the dimensions, and extrude, then delete the original stl. would only take about a minute

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I added the Vectorworks file if that helps…


I can confirm that this little extrusion works great with the enclosure. In fact of modified it in tinker CAD.

This my first attempt at contributing to this forum. I hope the attached comes through.

Looks great. Are you on an A350?