Android Version

I would really appreciate if there was an Version of Snapmaker Luban as an Android App. An Android App specifically made for Tablets qould be really cool because I wouldn’t need to change devices to a laptop or PC to print something. Only a 3d Printing option in the app would already be great and way easier to implement then the cnc Funktion.

The tablet platform will cease from existing in near years.
Google has removed the Tablet support of Android quite a bit time ago already. Link to the article speaking about it

So basically that would be a dead horse when finished.
Also, slicing takes quite bit of power from CPU. ARM devices might suffer greatly if some larger item goes to slicing.

I seriously enjoy using my two Asus ZenPan 10 tablets, mostly for watching videos and browsing the web, personally. So being able to use it for something else, like setting up files for printing or (in my case) engraving would be quite nice.

Luban is actually already built on a web-based architecture, so it would not be too difficult to allow a separate device (like a tablet, regardless of the platform) to connect to it. That would allow one computer on your home network to run the server (and thus run the slicing or other processing) and then operate the interface from another device.