After opening the BOX SM2.0, entering 3d Printing

Hey there!

We all have or had some similar problems, here are some hints to get over it before you are unhappy :wink:

  1. Be really sure if your bed is not upside down.- Check it, again, now!
  2. Double check your wiring of the modules, now!
  3. Make sure the wire of the heated bed doesn´t hit anything!
  4. After turning on, Firmware Update, NOW!- There are many serious problems at the first firmware!
  5. Check if your extrusion rating is right, look at the forum or www!
  6. Begin printing small, easy things will get you easier happy.
  7. Problems with the first layer?- Check level gcode, search for it in the forum!

Good list. For people out there unsure about how to change your extrusion rate, here is a great step by step guide. (Mine went from 212.21 to 246.76!)

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