About the Reboot Screen (White Screen)


I have uploaded it to thingiverse


Hi @becher.joel ,

Glad that you found the cause of the issue. My apologies that I was not very helpful before.
Since you have bought the new heater, we will refund you $5 for it. Please send your email that is associated to your PayPal account. We will issue the refund as soon as possible.

@harry Thank you for sharing the heater and the extension design with us. I believe many users will benefit from them! We will also refund you $5 for it. Please send your email that is associated to your PayPal account. We will issue the refund as soon as possible.

When you receive the new heater, please follow instructions in this video to change it. Though in the video it only shows you how to change the thermistor, you can change the heater in the same way. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/iuvgdtjy6itsauq/AAA5_Z7v0LdRodSimXLhXpd5a?dl=0

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I’ve tried to replace my heater but it would appear that the screws are done up so tight I cant begin to move them.

I have a feeling that they will strip the heads before they undo.

This is also true for the screw holding in the nozzle.

I’m not sure what to do next, because I dont want to strip the heads as that will be a nightmare



Could you please send us photos showing which screws you are referring to?
Thank you!


Hi Rainie,

Here’s the photos as requested.

I had a message from the support team saying that the my issue was that the terministor wasn;t in the heated block properly. I’d checked that, but that didn’t resolve the issue.

My next plan was to swap the heating tube, but this is when I have had issues undoing the screws highlighted in the photos attached.

I’d watched the videa and read the appropriate section for nozzle replacement in the manual so I’m confident that I am turning the allen key to correct way!

No heat from print head then crashes

The heater elements were $12 on amazon. Im not concerned about the cost since it is only $12. I am more concerned that I had nearly zero response or help from Snapmaker for almost two months and the warranty on some parts is only 90 days and most 180 days. I have been down for almost 60 days without help before taking some tips from a fellow snapmaker owner to get to the bottom of this issue. That to me makes me feel that I dont even have a warranty. Basically what I am getting at is you guys need to step up your game with responses and warranting of parts such as these heater elements or anything else that seems to be common. It has left me with an ill feeling for the future, unfortunately.


Hi @bod_53,

Please follow this thread: Heating Tube Screw Stripped
We will collect information from this topic and provide a solution after discussions with the engineers.

Thank you!

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Hi @becher.joel,

  1. We would like to apologize to those who waited for more than 1 month. It’s our fault and we can’t deny it. It was our misjudgement of the workload and our negligence in hiring more people. To compensate those users, the warranty period for their Snapmakers will be lengthened accordingly.

  2. The more direct reason of the frustrating customer services is that

  • I was the only one who answered all the inquiries from customers including those from the forum, support mailbox, Kickstarter, Facebook, etc.
  • Also, I was responsible for writing updates for Kickstarter users and pre-order users, which usually takes up half of my working hours.
  • I am also responsible for online and offline documents editing and some PR works.
    Therefore, when I went to London for the Bett show for one week, the inquiries piles up to 300+ and it took me one month (Chinese New Year included) to catch up with all the after-sale cases and narrow the number down to 50+. I have to admit that there are still some cases mentioned on the forum that I haven’t followed up, but I have to write the next Kickstarter update these 2 days and these cases will be pushed back for a few more days.
  1. We are introducing new members to the technical support team, but it will take some time before they can actually answering inquiries. We are trying our best to meet your needs as well as building up the team. We hope you can understand. We believe after we overcome this difficulty, the customer services will be much better in the future.

Thank you for your understanding!

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"To compensate those users, the warranty period for their Snapmakers will be lengthened accordingly."
We need that in writing sent to each of us telling us when our warranty will now expire.

Promises of refunds or compensation need to happen. I’m out of pocket - while that doesn’t overly bother me if the compensation has been offered it should be honoured. I shouldn’t really have to chase for it.

I’d like, for when the warranty does expire, a list of compatible parts or an online shop of some kind so that when faults do occur we can get replacement parts easily.

Anyway… since I fixed it I have been printing almost endlessly… really enjoying it.


This is what i am thinking.

also thanks for sharing your extension housings, Harry. i am sure we are voiding or warranties due to modifications. HA


Hi Rainie,

I’ve unplugged the heating bed by it’s self and rebooted then without the 3d printer attachment and then with out both and I’m still left with a white screen with the snapmaker logo.

can you please help?

currently running your latest update.


I realized my COM Port / Serial Port Settings for the Snapmaker has a typo in them. The baud rate should be 115200. The CH340X chip might be able to handle faster, but I have not tested faster speeds than that.

If a mod can edit my post, you can use this code to replace the pictures in my post above with these updated ones in this current post:


After my post is edited, this reply could be deleted, if you want to keep this thread clean.


Hi @Rainie

This issue happened to me right when I first got the snapmaker 1 and after a while it went away.

Now that I’ve installed the Z axis and upgraded the firmware, the issue is back. I’ve read through a bunch of the comments and have already grounded all the axis. Is there anything else that you have found to work for this problem?