3D printer stops printing when about 75% complete

printer: Snapmaker Original acquired with initial Kickstarter campaign
Software: Win10 Home, Ver 21H2 64 bit OS, Luban 4.1.4
problem: estimated 8 hour print freezes after about 6 hours. Running gcode from USB drive. Touchpad freezes showing: nozzle temp 206/0, bed temp 60/0, no response with touching. Turn Controller off and then back on. Touchpad toggles +Z but not -Z, -X, -Y. Pull power plug, and then replug and turn Controller on. Then toggle in X,Y,Z is OK in + and - directions. Following tried without success for fixing the problem: replace power supply, replace Controller with a new one, jiggle all wires while printing to check for loose connection (no effect), visually examine X,Y,Z rods in linear modules (no obvious problem seen), updated firmware from GD32Base 1.2 to GDBase 2.11, recalibrated Z axis setting (no effect on problem), problem persists with different USB drives (including the one supplied with SM Original).
Any suggestions to try fixing the problem welcomed.

It seems you got a thermal runaway error.
Check your thermistor+connection and or replace it.

Thaanks for your reply, xchrisd. Your suggestion seems to have fixed the problem. I replaced the thermistor, heating tube and nozzle and then reran the 3D print job. It fully completed without stopping. I’m unsure why the thermistor caused the problem, but your suggested fix did the job. Thanks.

My experience said that this is a indicator for thermal runaway, because this security control sets your heating and movement to 0.