About the Reboot Screen (White Screen)


Their current excuses for the awful customer service are 1> Chinese New Year until a few days into March. 2> They don’t have many people working for them. I don’t think they are ignoring you so much as they are very unprofessional in how they are staffed. They sold way more units than they were prepared to provide support for in my opinion.


i dont have a problem with the chinese new year. i have a problem with zero response to me in the past 45+ days. their warranty is only 180 days which is useless, and already 25% down the drain, if they dont offer the necessary support. i am just looking for a solution. i dont have as much know how as other folks on here for troubleshooting software issues, so i have to rely on others for assistance. my biggest grudge right now is i have not gotten one complete print from my $500 investment, and no solution for my issue. i am offering them to take my controller and print head on trade for a new tested pair so they can use the, for testing to get to the bottom of the issue. i just want my own, and everyones printers to work without these major issues.


Yeah I’ve been trying to get a resolution for a month. Today they offered to take back the controller and the ethernet cable, then send me out the replacements after they test them. That’s the best they’ve offered in this time. Today I unplugged my touch screen and have been printing from my computer since this morning. So at least in my case it seems to be narrowed down to that.

To confirm your firmware version connect the printer to a computer. Install Snapmakerjs. Install the com port driver (both of these come from the snapmaker website.) Run Snapmakerjs. It should detect the com port automatically. Press connect. In the console area click there in the black box and type M1005 and then press enter. You should see a response showing your firmware version.

I have heard from snapmaker that they will extend the warranty. Be sure to ask them to extend yours from the very first day you received it. I too was getting very angry that my warranty was dwindling away but they replied and said they would extend it because the delay was their fault and not mine. I’m replying from my phone so sorry if I wasn’t very thorough earlier and/or this time.


I’ll try to check into this later toda.

thanks for the help


OK. Here is my result.

Dec 18 2017


Yes. That is the latest firmware available here: https://www.snapmaker.com/download So that is ruled out.


OK, so I have been playing with it and it has not crashed until now. No luck printing anything, the crash occurred while warming up to print. It gave the following on the computer screen upon trying to heat up. I am going to attempt changing the print head and the bed wires and see if the issue follows wires…


OK not possible. Bed cable is a 6 pin while the 3d module runs an 8 pin…


Did you disconnect the touchscreen? If not, please do so. I suspect that when you print without the touchscreen attached it may work without crashing. I know what the error message says, but just give it a try.


Addendum: Hopefully it runs long enough for you to calibrate the 4 positions first, save the calibration, when it is ready, turn the printer off, disconnect the touch screen, and turn it back on. Print via Snapmaker3D.


If you had the console window connected during the crash, I bet that error message would look like this one:SnapmakerWhiteScreenOfDeathError

Error:Printer halted. kill() called!
Error:MINTEMP triggerd, system stopped! Heater_ID: 0
Error:Printer halted. kill() called!

(I only include that in written out text form to make this post more searchable.)


After disconnecting my touchscreen, I was able to complete a 15+ hour print job where my printer would freeze/reboot/“White Screen Of Death” within minutes of being turned on if not sooner.


So now, USB seems to have failed. of course they use a USB cable from the 1990’s so ill have to order a new type B USB cable to even try a different cable, but windows displayed a USB device error. That means I can not try printing without the screen at this point or datalogging in the SpapmakerJS software. I tried power cycling it a few times to no avail. @Rainie, how about some help over here, please? At this point I want to try warrantying the cables, screen, controller and 3d module and see where that gets me… Basically a fresh start? Probably will never happen though.


Care to share the extension file?


Turns out the USB issue was with my computer. I ended up rebooting a few times and then going through the control panel and playing with the hardware stuff. The USB connection began working again. I also took the side covers off the 3d module and wiggled the wires for the heating element, this time leaving the wires stretched out and around avoiding any sharp bends. I pushed firmly on the heating element wires to the circuit board to ensure a good connection. I completed a roughly 11 minute print which was the Snapmaker keychain file at 50% size and fast print setting to just test. Success. Seems the issue was the wires after all. I would like to get a new heater element for it to ensure a long life of the printer, and if @harry uploads the files for the extension boxes, I will print those out and add them on both ends of the 3d module.


And back to rebooting. looks like i need a new element. If i wiggle the wires it waits a little while until the failure happens again. I believe the wires are the only issue from the heater element to the circuit board. Other than that I just need to get my bed leveling a little more dialed in, just doesnt like sticking or printing the first layer.


That error I quoted earlier is the touchscreen even though the message talks about the heater failing. My best guess is that something to do with the touch screen is causing a sensor reading to fail. Wiggling heater wires could create more problems. 11 minutes isn’t a very long print. Was the touchscreen disconnected during this time? Being that I completed a 15+ hour print with the screen disconnected when the most I could get was 70 layers before it would freeze up, I think that pretty well shows where the problem was. I didn’t remove any covers and I didn’t wiggle any wires.

If you want to see the full error message and see if it looks exactly like mine: Download Putty. Run it. Put it in “serial” mode on the connection type. Set the port speed to 11500 (default is 9600. Too slow.) Enter in the same com port that you see in Snapmakerjs. (Mine is COM4, but yours could have a different number.) (You cannot have Snapmakerjs connected to the COM_ port at the same time that you have putty connected to the COM_ port…just saying you can find out what com port number to use easily this way.) In Putty’s terminal settings on the left, force the local echo and local line endings to on. In Putty’s Connection settings on the left, select “Serial” and turn off the Flow Control. Back on the “Session” section of Putty you can enter a name for the connection under “Saved Sessions” and click save so these settings are stored.

Here are some screenshots:


Failed 3x in a row with screen disconnected. Reconnected and moved wires again and it is now heating up again. before it would not.


Thanks. I follow ya now. No doubt there.


I do appreciate all the help you have given. I ordered some of those 40w 24v heating elements that the one gentleman recommended from the UK. Was a little trickier (the way they are worded) finding them stateside however. Once those come and I figure out how to attach them to the circuit board, I will report back with my results.