A350 USB Connection Lost

I have an A350 Running Snapmaker Luban 4.14, and firmware v.1.14.2. The device is plugged into my computer via a USB port. My computer is very much capable of doing this work.

This is a new issue for me. I am not looking for a workaround, I already know I can use a USB thumb drive. I have done hundreds of prints from my computer without using a USB thumb drive.

On long prints, 100+ hours, the Snapmaker will suddenly lose its USB connection between 15%-20% and won’t reconnect. To resolve the issue, I have to reboot the Snapmaker to establish a new connection. Rebooting my computer does not solve the issue.

Has anyone dealt with this?

Hi ,i also have this problem and i guess that the plug on the controllbox have a bad contact ,when i close the door and it is touching the cable then i loose connection ,after that i have to shut the machine off and start again .
Ithin it comes because this cable to the touchscreen is allways under pressure .I will buy a new box and test it and if it works i need to fix this cable somehow.

Hope this helps, you might want to confirm that you windows power settings are not letting the USB ports go to sleep, I have had that issue before.

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