A350 starts calibration in the middle of X=0

Hey all!

I just got my A350 put together, updated the firmware to latest and verified home against some images I saw shared around and all looks well. The issue starts when I go to calibrate (5x5). When it says it’s moving to point #1 it actually goes to what looks more like point #15, about halfway up the build plate on the X=0 (operator left) side.

This is not my first rodeo as I’ve had multiple other 3d printers but it is definitely the first time I’ve seen anything like this. I triple checked my cable connections and flipped it back to verify my attachment points underneath all look correct and I can’t find anything wrong there.

If there’s any images or anything else I can grab let me know!

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Are you able to Jog the build plate all the way back?

checking now - I am noticing it make a loud hum when it should be moving back at about the halfway point :confused: Super worried this is the bad Y issue…

@albutch So it does jog all the way back without issue

Edit: Additional note - during the calibration I can “assist it” by gently pushing the plate back as it’s trying to move. The hum no longer happens when I do that BUT there is a bit of ‘cachunk’ about half way back.

Edit 2: The more I move it back and forth and the more I ‘assist’ it it seems to be making less and less noise. I am not a believer that things “fix themselves” though so… would still love an answer to this!

If its getting better then you probably had it slightly out of square during assembly (probably because the holes are just a touch off) and ass you work the machine one stepper is skipping steps and bringing itself into the proper alignment. This is just my guess and I will defer to some anyone with more mechanical know how then me.

It is,unfortunately, still making small ‘cachunk’ noises at nearly dead center. Only while moving away. I will likely open a support case preemptively.

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Try loosening all the screws that hold the aluminum under bed to the rails (should be 8 screws if memory serves) and see if the problem persists.

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@Atom You have saved me an immense amount of time and trouble! I never considered that overtightening would cause those to misalign. After resolving that the calibration ran perfectly and I am now getting superb 1st layer adhesion.

Thanks again!