A350 Shaking when calibration

Hello, excuse my English, i am going to try to be understandable. I finish build my Snap A350, i triple checked and everything is at the right place well montés. When i try to do calibration, the x axe start Shaking, especially on the left. So far i cannot go further, i am blocked. I took a video but i don t see how to attach it here. Thank you very much if you have the answer of my problem…

You could upload your video to the forum or link it here, it doesn´t work to upload anything at your first post, but now it should work, i guess.


Post your video please :wink:

Mine does something similar. When then head moves to the far left (Home) of the X-axe it doesn’t stop trying to go more left and makes a lot of noise. Eventually it stops and the calibration starts. The first time I was worried because it sounded abnormal but since it continues normally after that but crashes in the print bed afterwards I tought if was normal.
Can someone else aknowledge this is normal behaviour?

That behavior is NOT normal and you should email Snapmaker support. My guess is a fault in the limit switch or it simply fell off of it’s mounting inside the linear module.

Here the vidéo https://photos.app.goo.gl/fA4pHS9H1hkxxaDY6

Ok, mine is ok now. I opened the left side of the X-axis to test the switch and it worked. When I closed it it continued to work.

@schneidereman As I can see from the video I think you inversed 2 AXIS on the splitters. Because it want to move in 2 directions but only on 1 of the 2 motors. Check your cabling.


My friend, thank you so much, it work now perfectly. I can start discover the beast…