Malfunctioning A350

I recently moved and so I had to take my A350 apart to do so. Now I have put it back together and when I try to calibrate it to home the left side of the x axis moves a half inch lower than the right and then the whole things starts shaking and making a terrible noise. Have I done something wrong putting it back together or is it something else? I need my machine to work!
Thanks guys!

i would start by checking each cable to make sure its in the right port. Outside of that… maybe you can show us some pictures of the assembly and maybe a video of it’s problems

After putting it together, and before powering it on, did you move the carriages of the two X axis linear modules all the way to the top? If not, be sure to do that. They go out of sync quite easily (mine do it every time I change a toolhead).

If that part is A-OK, then double and triple check the mountings of all linear modules. Make sure they are square to the base on all sides, not listing or tilted. The shaking and noise sound like they could be caused by two linear modules being out of parallel (likely the Z-axis ones). You can measure the distance between the Z-axis modules at the base and at the top: if the values are equal they are parallel, otherwise one or both is at an angle.

I agree with @MooseJuice. Based on your description it sounds like only one of the two z-axis is moving and it’s trying to drag the other one along. First possible culprit: one (or more) of the cables not correctly connected.

If trying to plug/reseat all the cables didn’t already solve it you can disconnect the x-axis from the z-axes and potentially the carriage(platform) from the y-axes and try to move them individually. Then you can see if all of them are functioning or not.

Worst case scenario is that one of the modules died during the move.

I had the the plugs wrong! Thanks guys!

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