A350 Noisy Printer

I’ve had my A350 for 3+ months now and everything has been good ,until about 3 days ago when it started making very loud sounds on some of it’s moves

It seems one of your y-axis is defective, you have to call support.
Search the forum “linear module” about, there are a lot of people with the same sounds.

That is a very familiar sound to me. I had that problem for awhile too…

My problem was the print head rail had a loose bracket and it was creating lots of problems for me.

Take a look at this thread:

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Then I have this thread where i went into details on some efforts

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You may have a different module loose than the print head, but when it was the print head for me the sound was only occasionally where as when i traded rails with the build plate it was nearly constant

As such, a smarter idea would have been to trade with a Z since it moves the least hehe

After swapping rails, it was noisy as could be but at least i was printing well. However, by the time the replacement showd up the noise was violent and grindy like metal scraping (occasionally) and i had so much play it wasnt even funny.

You should try to gather up as much info as you can, pictures videos etc, email support@snapmaker.com asap to hopefuly get a replacement rail before the chinese new year.

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Problem corrected !! I went through ALL screws and tightened them ,all linear rails, brackets ,platform and bed, the noise is GONE!!


Mi impresora es bien ruidosa, eso no es normal?

En este caso, había tornillos sueltos. Es normal tener algo de vibración, pero si tiene demasiada puede ser una pieza suelta o un módulo lineal defectuoso

Well that didn’t last long !!! 3 or 4 prints and it’s back !!! Support contacted.

Just to let you know , I received my replacement linear module this evening. After installing it and running a test of 5 20mm hollow cubes ( 1 in the center and 1 at each corner of the bed) I am very satisfied , It has never run so quiet, especially with the fan off and the enclosure closed ! Thank You !