2.0 | Linear module noises

I received the snapmaker 2.0 a350 about a month ago. Now the linear modules start making different “noise” when printing. But there are no print defects at all. Maybe I’m just being paranoid, but as I remember before the snapmaker team sent me the printer, they were dealing with linear modules problems. Should I be worried?

Something to keep an eye on but nothing to get worried about - well, nothing that worrying about would make any difference. They seem to just fail fairly suddenly.
Here’s what you can check:
Check the tightness on the dust protection strips. If they loosen up (which they do) they can make an awful racket.

Check the play on the head bracket. Can you move it up and down or side to side?

Is the z-axis level? This can get off kilter and cause some noise and problems. With the machine off push both to the top.

If you want to you can take off the bed frame and the x-axis and test the linear modules individually.


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