A350 Image Size Limited to 150x150?

I downloaded the latest version of Luban and find that I cannot process a .jpg file larger than 150x150 for the laser module.

I have set the program configuration to A350 and still cannot process a file larger than 150x150.

Is there a setting I’m unaware of?


Go back to 3.8.
3.9 has a few bugs.
I’m assuming it’s that.
Either way, the bugs that I’ve found in 3.9 (mainly it shows size of stl’s as 0x0x0) have made it unusable for me.

Sounds like your Snapmaker is being identified as an Original. Are you connected, Luban to Snapmaker? Has Luban recognised which module is attached? When you connect only the module installed at the time is shown in Luban, when not connected all three show up.

Totally forgot that you have to select which SM2 you have in Luban.
That’s probably it.
Check your preferences and make sure your machine is configured to A350.


Thanks for the responses. I have just downloaded v 3.10 and the problem persists. I also reverted to v 3.8 with the same results.

Yes, I have identified A350 in Luban. The image size for laser and CNC is still limited to 125 x 125.

The message is: “Enter the size of the engraved picture. The size cannot be larger than 125x125 or the size of your material.”

Since i cannot find a place to enter the size of my material, I’m stuck with the 125x125.

Take screenshots of settings and error messages.
Also if you can upload your jpg so we can try loading it ourselves.


Image 1 is my machine settings page;

Image 2 shows the size limitation (red box). The image shown is a .png image.

Image 3 shows that the “Generate G-Code” selection is grayed out.

Here is a copy of the .png.

Any help is greatly appreciated

It’s giving me that warning but letting me do it.
I think the warning is a bug leftover from SM original that they need to fix.
You have to ‘preview’ (or turn on auto preview (which I have turned off because it slows things down when you’re adjusting stuff)) and then you can generate g-code.


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By golly, you’re right!! Thanks.

Hey, thanks for the thread. What’s the fix here ?

It let me drag and manually create another file but seems to be limited to the size of the metallic bed. I could have sworn I saw someone etch a skateboard and want to try some pieces of comparable length. I did a test etch on a 12x 24 inch cardboard and it cut the top and bottom off the piece right where the bed ends.

If the limit is the bed size I guess so be it and I’ll line up either side of a larger design but would be good to confirm.

Any advice would be great, still a bit of a newbie here :slight_smile:

It won’t let you create something larger than it can handle.
You’ll need to do in multiple parts.
Need to break it up in your graphics program and then you’ll need to figure out how you want to keep it lined up.
I believe Lightburn has some nice tools to do this, but I’m not that familiar with it.

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Thanks for this confirmation!
Haven’t played with lightburn yet but thanks for that nod too, I’ll check it out.


Hi. I was having this exact issue and even though it said A350 at the top of Luban when I clicked that and then reselected A350 again, it all of the sudden let me scale past 125mm.

I know it sounds like an incomplete solution, but I’m not sure now that I’d trust that even if it says A350 that it’s set to A350.

I use Snapmaker Luban V3.15.0 and then drag the file into Laser section, the default size of it is 320mm*320mm.

Here is a gif image for your reference.

what it says and what it prints is different. so when you print it do you still have 320 x 320? I did not by an A350 to be able to print the same size as with the small ones…

That’s a known bug leftover from the original SM.
It’s only the pop-up info that’s wrong. No actual limitations.
Been there since at least 3.8 and has been reported on GitHub.


Obviously Snapmaker Helpdesk doesn’t know about it and mine actually prints only 125x125.

Make sure you’ve chosen the correct machine in Luban.
If it thinks you have an OG or A150 it won’t let you go full size for a A350


I have. but the stupid software still tells me : “Device not recognized”
I can choose A350 as many times as I want, still the same.

Then that’s a different error than what you first reported.

Are you successfully connected to your machine either by wifi or usb cable?

Firmware updated? Which version of Luban?

You can try selecting the machine manually in the machine settings.