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I love using the laser engraver. I usually measure the piece of wood I am using then put the exact measurement in gimp to create my images. Every time I open the image, I created in gimp, in Luban it is way bigger than my measurements. Maybe this is just me, or has anyone else experience this issue with image upscale automatically in Luban.

I assume you’re dealing with raster images (.png, .jpg). A few tests I just made suggest that Luban imports .png images as 1px = 1mm, rather than respecting the ppi setting in the file, which would account for images getting grossly inflated in size. I would class this as a bug, since the unexpected result isn’t documented anywhere that I’m aware of.

(Method of test: I created two solid black square 64x64px .png images in GIMP, set one to have 144ppi resolution, and left the other one at the default resolution of 72ppi. Both were treated as 64mm squares by Luban. Two Luban versions were tested (3.7.0 and 3.15.1), so this is a long-standing bug. I would have expected to get one square of a bit more than 2cm and another half that size.)

Hello, it is a known issue and we will solve it in the next Luban version. Thanks

Good Morning, Has this been resolved?

No, they completely broke Luban’s laser functionality instead.

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Is this still happening in version 4.0.3?

I seem to be having imported images scaled down by 60%. I thought it must be some other problem as this was enlarging images, but the image I’m trying to import is 1200x1200 pixels, so it seems because the image is larger than the work area, it is scaling it down. I tried resizing the image to 200x200 pixels, and sure enough it imported at the correct size, but I can’t do what I want at that sort of resolution!